Thursday, 11 May 2017

Site Investigation - Bristol

Site Investigation - Bristol

Recently Southwest Environmental Limited submitted a  Desktop Study for a site in Bristol, to Bristol City Council for scrutiny. Despite SWEL recommending that the site was fit for use, with no further work recommended BCC were of the opinion, that some further investigations were required. 

BCC were very pragmatic in the scope of these further investigations, and limited the scope to a number of hand dug trial pits, which were then used to ascertain the extent of made ground on site.

The finding were that despite having some made ground in the form of crushed brick under the driveway, the ground under the proposed structure was natural ground.

Brick Footings

Made Ground . . . of Brick

Ordinarily it would be standard practice to take samples and analyse them for a suite of chemicals as part of a Site Investigation . However, in this instance the checks for the presence of made ground, combined with floor slab sub-ventilation were deemed as an appropriate mitigatory measure.

This saved around £5000 in costs, which on a small project would represent a significant percentage of  the overall project value.

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